How to Get a Job in SEO in 2016

With the rapid growth of the Internet, companies increasingly need employees who are experts in search engine optimization (SEO). This practice makes it easier for potential customers to find businesses using search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. To make your resume stand out from the crowd and help you land the job, follow these simple guidelines:

Stay on Top of What’s Going on in the Industry

SEO is a rapidly evolving field, and search engines are constantly updating their metrics and requirements for high rankings. It is important that you follow the news in this area so that you can stay ahead of your competition. When meeting with a potential employer, be prepared to discuss current developments in SEO and how you plan to deal with them in the future. The employer will be looking to see that you have a vision for the future.

Familiarize Yourself with Industry Software and Tools

As SEO becomes more and more important to businesses, there are an increasing number of software programs and tools available to help manage and analyze SEO tactics, including Google Analytics, SEO PowerSuite and Moz Pro, among many others. You may not know in advance which programs a particular company uses, so it is in your best interest to be knowledgeable about as many as possible. Knowing the details of each program will also help you to understand the inner workings of SEO, making you more competent at your job.

Broaden Your Horizons

While SEO should be your primary specialty, it is important to keep up your knowledge about other important topics, such as email marketing, PPC advertising, social media or content creation. Learning about these related areas can help to inform your work in SEO and can give you a wider understanding of the online industry as a whole. This knowledge also makes you a more well-rounded job applicant, making you more desirable to employers.

As this industry continues to grow, so too will the number of job opportunities in SEO. Following this advice can give you the boost you need to beat out the other job applicants and land the SEO job of your dreams.

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